We specialise in subjects that will still have a future in the future.

We are your trans­la­ti­on experts in the field of sustai­na­bi­li­ty. All your texts – on rene­wa­ble ener­gy, sustainab­le buil­ding and living, fair tra­de and more – are in gre­at hands with Zieltext.

A focused approach for accurate results

Outstanding qua­li­ty is no acci­dent. This sec­tion pro­vi­des an insight into our working methods.

Incidentally, our trans­la­tors remain loy­al to you. Once they have trans­la­ted a text for you, they will also take care of your next order. With the help of sta­te-of-the-art trans­la­ti­on memo­ry soft­ware, this gua­ran­tees that our trans­la­ti­ons for you are con­sis­tent.

Language is chan­ging all the time.

Our trans­la­tors are awa­re of poten­ti­al lin­gu­is­tic pit­falls and know how the finis­hed pro­duct should sound.

Our focus is firm­ly fixed on your tar­get readership – we find the right words for your pro­ject, whe­ther it is a strai­ght­for­ward let­ter, a pro­mo­tio­nal brochu­re, com­plex ope­ra­ting inst­ruc­tions or a busi­ness report.


We encou­ra­ge dia­lo­gue bet­ween you and our trans­la­tors if they have ques­ti­ons about the con­tent of your text. That way you can be sure that you will be unders­tood cor­rec­t­ly.

Susanne Steinegger

Managing Director and Owner
Certified trans­la­tor and jour­na­list SAL
+41 43 817 88 85


Deputy Managing Director
Certified trans­la­tor DOZ
+41 43 817 89 27


Project Manager
MA Finnish Studies
+41 43 817 88 86


Project Manager
MA in Applied Linguistics, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, with spe­cia­lism in tech­ni­cal trans­la­ti­on
+41 43 817 89 28

Our specialists

Zieltext works with around 200 care­ful­ly selec­ted trans­la­tors. Since many of our French and Italian-lan­guage experts come from French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino and are the­re­fo­re fami­li­ar with the country’s cul­tu­re and cha­rac­te­ris­tics, they are cer­tain to find the right tone for readers in the­se parts of the coun­try. It goes wit­hout say­ing that we also have spe­cia­lists from France and Italy in our team to ensu­re that we can meet the needs of readers in our neigh­bou­ring coun­tries. In addi­ti­on to French and Italian, we pro­vi­de trans­la­ti­ons into German, Spanish and Portuguese. We also cover addi­tio­nal lan­guages in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with our trusted part­ner com­pa­nies.